Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swimming with the fishes at the IDP's Deepstack Classic

Unlike the Irish Deaf Open in May... this weekend belonged to the fishes. I never saw so many sick beats and stupid calls in my poker experience!

Friday night the IDP committee pulled out all the stops to provide a great night of 8-max Sit-n-Go's with an international feel with over 55 players from 6 different countries on 7 tables playing various levels. And we didn't have enough tables to satisfy everyone! I was working for most of the night; but managed to join the last €30 game of the night...

A quick look around the table showed a Finnish TAG (had observed him playing earlier); three aggressive Swedes, a 'it's-my-first-time' player (IMFT) who got very lucky cashing 2nd in previous €10 & €20 SnG games to bragged her way into the €30... A fellow Irish who bluffs more hands than he has and a sleeping Brit who folded 90% of his cards! He folded so much that people FORGOT he was there! He won a pot by default after a Swede mucked his cards thinking he had won, with no callers to his raise!!! LOL! And me...

After getting my raises holding 10 10 and QKs called by IMFT and the Bluffer King, both who bet out continuation bets with the board showing Aces. I folded both times. Then I got AK suited, UTG, in the first hand and raised 250... Was called by the IMFT and one Swede. Flop came out A45 two suits. IMFT bet out 250, I reraised her 800... Big raise but I wanted her out of the pot; but no... She called! The Swede folded. Turn was a K... I bet out 1200, IMFT called. River 4; putting her on a raggy Ace I shoved... she called to show 54 off and I was out(!) FFS! The Sleeping Brit later told me that she had been playing like this ALL night and getting lucky with the board.

Sweet Nick from the UK had been asking me all night to play a game with him... I hunted him down for a game, and offered to play HU with him 'after' his current game. He replied 'really?! Well then...' and insta-shoved his stack into his opponent "I really wanna play with Jules... lets finish now?", the opponent agreed calling with 55, Nick had something like 93o and board came out with 33(!) LOL! But in HU with Nick - I was totally card dead, folding to every raise :( ... didn't want to play for money again; I really need the HU practice so offered to play a couple more HU with Nick - for the craic, the practice, no money right? And I won 'em both... typical! Afterwards moaning about my unlucky night, Sweet Nick ever the gent he is, offered to buy me a drink to make up for it... the pet! Before the gossip mill starts: he's already committed (lucky girl!) And I have NO notions on him!

The day of the Deepstack in the Fitz started with a buzz - everyone was milling around ready to go! Susie Woosie drummed up 8 players to play cash as I assisted with the seating plan - I wasn't to ensure that I was not on the same table as any of the calling stations or, indeed, IMFT! In the end the biggest Calling Station in the world (Vincent McArdle) turned up late for the game only to get the last seat going.... on my right(!)

Vincent proceeded to play in every hand - limping in with both weak and strong holdings and calling EVERY raise only to get lucky; he became the immediate chipleader! Although I played ultra-tight, having position on Vincent is NOT an asset. He checked down to the river with QQ on a Q high board, reducing one of the better Swede players to a short-stack (!) I woke up with KKs in SB when blind were 100/200 and raised to 1000... Vincent who had called the blind in CO, along with 3 other limpers was my only caller. JJQ board had me checking down to the river, with Vincent checking after me. On the river I threw out 2500. And he called showing J3 off(!) FFS! After this I was practically playing short stack game, with less than 6k and folded for the next few levels til after the dinner break.

After the dinner break, blinds were 300/600, in my very first hand I found AK suited UTG... and shoved, Vincent wasn't back on the table so I got the blinds! In the next hand I was BB, button raised to 1,800; Vincent called from SB, I checked my cards and found KK... and shoved for 5,400. Button (Swede) tanked for a moment then shoved his stack. Vincent picked up his chips, looked at me... I smiled sweetly at him and urged him "Go on! Call me! Go on!" Looked at the Swede... who started to copy me "yeah... c'mon! Call!" Poor Vincent panicked and folded! The Swede tables QQ and my kings’ hold, phew!

One more level later and I was on 17k, Vincent had been moved to another table, but I before anyone could take advantage of his departure; a very strong Finnish player Kalle joined our table sitting to my immediate left with 35k, 2nd overall tournament chipleader. He proceeded to bully the table, reducing several stacks and increasing his own, I even lost 3k to him in one pot folding the better hand, I was furious when he showed a bluff. Finding AQ in CO I raised to 3xBB, Kalle re-raised me on the Button for 50% of my stack, as the rest of the table folded back to me. I insta-shoved the rest of my stack over the line. Kalle called showing K10 suited. Ace on flop, Queen on turn, with two suits and I was so sure I was finished... but thankfully my pairs held and I was up to 25k. For the next two orbits I was card dead, Patrik (Swedish player and over all chip leader) joined the table and sitting between him and Kalle was tough. Falling back to 13k after losing a race with a short-stack on 66 versus my A10s, I was getting despondent; blinds was 500/1000 I was in SB with 55. Kalle (who raised every time he was UTG!) threw out 3k, the table folded to Patrik (in the CO seat to Vincent's right) who smelled a rat, and re-raised to 9k. I just saw red! I insta-shoved the rest of my stack then mucked my pair without showing as both Kalle and Patrik folded; quizzing me for information 'what did ya fold?' "A pair of twos" I replied to much laughter! Kalle patted me on the back patronising... 'Very good, you are catching up now!' he signed. 'Yeah...' I replied 'soon I will overtake you!' Kalle laughed shaking his head. Grrrr! I made a vow to put him out of the tournament but never got the opportunity as I was moved to table 1; with 9 strong Irish players including Frank Grace (the shortest stack on 15k), Justin Smith and Susie Woosie (on 35k)!

Blinds had increased to 1k/2k, and finding 66 UTG I raised to 6k leaving me with 20k left. Got one caller who raised me to 12k, then Frank (BB), pushed the rest of his stack over the line... I thought for a moment then folded my pair reluctantly, immediately regretting it when I saw the flop: Frank showed AKs and other caller had a middle pair; board showed A6xxx and Frank doubled up. Meh! Falling back to 20k meant I was in an 'all-in or fold' mode... very next hand I found AdJd in BB. Nick D who was in mid-position raised to 4k (2xBB); Susie in CO-1 re-raised to 10k; as the action folded back to me - I was already committed to a shove and pushed. Nick D folded then Susie Woosie tanked for aaaaagggggggeeeeeesss before calling me with AK off. The flop had two diamonds but turn and river didn't bring the 3rd diamond I desperately needed, Susie won with high card plus king kicker... I was out in 25th place. I was soooooo upset, I exited the room immediately.

While I'm still bitter with the way my play went, calling stations and fishes galore, I'm sooooo glad I lost my final race to a good player on a better hand!

Susie eventually exited in 12th place having lost a big pot before getting blinded out; Kalle bubbled in 11th (ha!); the sleeping Brit (ultra-tight Doke style player!) Exited in 7th place; Patrik (chipleader for the entire tournament til the final table) crashed in 6th place and our Frank Grace ended up in HU against UK's Henry McD.

Henry (who came 7th in the UK Deaf Poker Open last February, in which I was 6th and bombed out in 17th place at the Irish Deaf Poker Open in May) played an amazing short-stacked game after losing 30k to IMFT in a sick beat: She called his raise pre-flop holding 73 off and Board showed 77 to burst Henry's queens. That pot made her joint-chipleader with Sweden's Patrik at one point (!) Henry was then moved to my table and tangled with Kalle, winning his final race to double back up to 15k (approx) before he was moved back to IMFT's table. He shoved twice and IMFT (table chipleader) called both times, Henry won both races and eventually kicked IMFT out of the tournament in 29th/30th place! Go on ya good thing!

I didn't see the final stages of the tournament as I succumbed to temptation and joined the cash tables. Frank later told me that himself and Henry ended HU, into a showdown with Frank all-in holding AKoff and Henry called with Q2 suited, and won with a straight on a KJ10Ax board. GG Henry! Well done!

On the cash tables, another Deaf Swede (who was kicked out of our tournament in 70th place, during the very first hand on bluff!) turned €200 into €1,550 while making loads of enemies along the way! More than what our Deepstack winner won! Several people on the cash tables were calling him the 'Deaf Fish'! Ouch! But he was so proud, he taught them all to sign fish as in 'flapping gills' LOL! The very next day when I went back to the Fitz - several players asked me using that sign - "where is the 'Deaf Fish' today?!"

At one stage, he kept pushing me off pots I was getting annoyed - chanced my arm calling his raise holding 5c6c and flopped a flush draw/straight draw... he bet pot (€7) pre-flop, I had position on him and called; SB called too. Flop came 8c10c7x. Deaf Fish called pot and started signing to me that he had a good hand and 'don't think of calling it... trust me... I got the best hand here' but I pointed out 'tough, I have a good hand too' and called pot, covering his raise twice over. SB called while complaining that the signing was 'unfair' that we could be 'collaborating' in the hand and the rest of the table agreed - leading to the dealer asking us to stop signing. Deaf Fish tried to re-raise me but dealer wouldn't let him (threw out a €100 chip without saying raise) and the turn brought the 3rd club I needed for a flush. Deaf Fish checked looking at me; I called for Pot, SB went all in and Deaf Fish folded showing rest of table 88 and I pushed rest of my chips over. SB tabled AA and I got the pot,”That's the REAL Deaf Fish" DF quipped pointing at me in disgust! One hand later and he gave me a hug congratulating me on the €400 pot I won, and left.

Several players stopped by my table to see how I was doing and giving me updates on the Deepstack final stages, saying their farewells, giving me hugs, kisses etc. After Henry won, he came down with Sweet Nick; just as I hugged and kissed Henry in congratulations for his win, one cash player shouted over "hoi - that's enough hugging and kissing here!"

I gradually built my €50 into €480 with the aim to go home once I hit €500... But lost it all holding Qd7d (which I limped in with on the button) on a Qx6dJd6x9d board against Ad3d (American in BB) who raised on all the streets then checked-raised the flush on river to put me all in (!) Meh! I put another €100 on the table and got up 3 hands later with €250 - after getting a 5 high straight flush! I was exhausted had enough beats for one day, and was glad to leave with €30 up after putting €150 on the table and €70 buy-in for the IDP Deepstack... not a great show for 13 hours playing poker but I reckon it’s better to go home with something than nothing at all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PLOs at the IPO

One thing that came out of the IPO for me: I have gone off Pot Limit Omaha!!!

It's the worse game in the poker world to deal for, especially when one is dog-tired! It doesn't help when every second player is shouting POT either when your brain is totally mush after almost 35 hours of dealing over 3 days!

I had already agreed to work for Stephen & Jeff at the IPO; expecting to do some of the main event, a couple of side games, with the plan of getting Sunday off to join Susie Woosie in the ladies event with a few cash games. Alas no! A 'rule' was put in place that if you dealt, you couldn't play too: "deal or play only or stay away" - but over the weekend I noticed some of the dealers got exemptions from this rule.... Grrrr!!!

I could hardly stay away could I? Not when it was the 1st anniversary of my first ever 'proper' dealing stint - it felt wrong not to pass up an opportunity to show last year's critics that one of the 'bad dealers' from IPO'07 has improved big time!

The 2008 IPO was a huge improvement from 2007... better venue, better deal for the dealers (fairer breaks and unlimited refreshments, especially the Red Bull!), great choice of games/side events and several 'famous' names sitting down to play with the ordinary Joes. Kudos to Stephen for all his hard work... To Ciaran & his Boylepoker staff for the glamours show they put on! Well done guys!

The atmosphere was electric for the entire weekend! I even got to see Marty Smyth's WSOP's bracelet!

Day 1: Arrived at 2:30pm straight from work, had a good lunch, before reporting to the Dealer Manager. The place was buzzing with familiar faces everywhere. Andy Black was giving a workshop in the main hall, the PA system was booming all over the place, I could barely make out what Andy was saying (or any other announcer for that reason!) but he had the crowd hanging on to his word that he must have been good!

First impression of Danni the Dealer manager was scary! She was a real dominatrix: barking orders and really putting people on the spot for being a minute late back from breaks; not a woman you want to cross. It was thanks to her that the dealer arrangement, changes and placements ran smoothly for the entire IPO... By the end of the weekend I had a LOT of respect for that woman.

The main event was very squashed, and the room was boiling hot! The standard of play was ultra-tight on most tables with very few flops being seen.

4 hours into the main event, I was asked to report to Charlie on the cash tables... And stayed there for rest of the evening right into the next day. Charlie had no time for tardiness and not bringing in the right rake! The rake was a whopping €10 ppph on tables €100 or less; €16 on the €250 tables. I felt awful raping each pot for rake at this level! It was difficult to meet the rake on some of the €1/2 tables... There were times I barely took enough, and I used my tips to make up the shortfall. Some tables were under-raked practically all evening: the pots were either too small or had big stacked players frequently taking breaks for 30 mins or more. One such table, I had to ask each player to throw the extra €2 each to make up the difference, after that I thought it easier to ask each player to throw in €5 per half hour then I left their pots alone. The higher staked tables €2/5 and PLO €250 were so much easier to rake...

I left at 4:30am got home by 5am and couldn't sleep!!! My mind was still buzzing from all the Red Bull(!) I finally drifted off at 6am... setting my alarm for 10am.

Day2: My wee princess woke me up at 11:30am.... eeeeek! I barely made it for 1pm having to drop her to my mum's en route. The 'look' I got from Danni told me there was no point making excuses-just took the ticking on the chin and get on with it!

The second starting day went much better, the tables were better spaced out and the air con was on full blast... which was great to start with but soon all the players had their jackets back on and I was regretting my short-sleeved top! There was less dealer changes, due to less dealers working than Friday, but Dani managed to juggle it amazingly well.

I went over to the cash tables after dinner and stayed there dealing well into the night. At 2am I was dealing to several mad French players (didn't tip a penny all night), such charmers! They would deliberately call 'pot' in an accent that sounded exactly like 'check' to me... To much laughter! At the very end, when Floor Manager called out for the last 3 hands to be played at 4am, I allowed myself to be persuaded to deal them a fourth... then did a fifth while they were claiming it was 'only' the 4th... I 'promised' a 4th(!) Then got rewarded with generous parting tips from each player. Merci beaucoup monsieurs!

Day 3: Having finished at 4:30am, before I left I asked Danni for a late start on Sunday - she allow me til 3pm. I found it tough dragging myself out of bed at 1pm to meet Susie for lunch! Before anyone shakes their head and point out that the other dealers managed to do it; sure, but the other dealers don't have a full-time job and kids to think about, do they?!

Susie Woosie was playing in the Ladies Side event with Ciara (another decent player from Clonsilla Inn; I was in heads-up with her 2 weeks ago... she turned my 3-1 chiplead into 2nd place!) I was so envious, was really in the mood to play now! 55 women, including JCB, the Shudda Girl, Dame Vera were all playing too... I kept railing them during my breaks. The standard of play was atrocious at best - a lot of limpers in each hand, raises and re-raises getting called by 3 or more players with any two... AA's; JJs and KKs were no good and JCB, Vera and the other good players went to the rails early. Susie Woosie ended up playing a short-stack game for most of it; she played a uber-tight nit game folding A10, AQs and small/middle pairs to raises, with no regrets. Susie Woosie hung on til 12th place... Commiserations and well done girl!

Dealing on Sunday was tougher - didn't help that the Red Bull had ran out! And I was listed to deal the Double Chance Pot Limit Omaha €150 side event that started at 6pm, in what must have been the hottest area of the room! The play was limited to 64 players (8-max tables) due to limited chips available... and the amount of grumpy players who didn't get a ticket was amazing. It was a great measure to Poker Ireland's success having nearly all the weekend side events booked out!

For the non-poker players: calling 'pot' in a pot limit game means the maximum the player can bet is the total of what is already on the table. If a previous player has already bet during that turn, then the 'pot' is the last bet plus the total chips on the table. E.g. there's 250 on the of the table at the flop... player 1 bets 100... player 2 raises to 200... player 3 calls 'POT' and the dealer has to announce what the pot amount is. Here player 3 has to pay 950 (200 x 3 plus 100 plus 250). Sounds straight forward... til player 5 says POT too! Ahhhh! Doing the constant math is tiring! Naturally there will be a few mistakes....

Ohhhhhhh before I forget... I have a wee confession to make. I am crap at spreading the cards out on the table pre-game. All weekend I was trying, trying and trying... they still wouldn't spread right! I was constantly asking other dealers, it was pathetic! As I set up the Omaha table, I picked up the cards, looked around for the nearest dealer... no one *sigh* ah feck it... here goes. And whaaaayyyyy! I did it! A nice perfect even spread! Was so proud of myself I even took a picture with my phone! LOL!

On my first table, I had two of the French Charmers from the night before, as they sat down they started braying with laughter pointing at me... so I made a point to teach them the signs for pot/check/raise and "English only spoken please!" They behaved much better this time... phew! I dealt that table without any cock-ups, until the next table 2 hours later.

Then I dealt a series of gaffs. Blinds were 200/400, UTG+1 called for 400; action folded to DCB in CO (yes... the famous troublemaker from!) who announced POT. I quickly said 1400, Button folded and SB (Red Faced Aggro-Bluffer RFAB) said 'call' as he was counting out the chips. Another player pointed out that the Pot should have been 1800 - I did a quick count and yeah... he was correct. RFAB objected to this saying that he was willing to pay 1200 more not 1600. I called floor manager for a ruling - he ruled that the 1400 should stand... Poor DCB got 3 callers for that pot! On the flop action checked back to DCB who shouted POT again... this time I had the figure ready: 6200 and everyone folded. DCB was very quiet but played a good game... guess he had to, with the biggest Bluffer you ever met (RFAB) on the table; plus JCB and the Big City Banker!

In one hand we had 2 players all in... I sorted their chips and pushed them into the centre then burned the top card and dealt the flop, burnt the second card as RFAB (who was not in the hand) interrupted me: "Wait now... they need to show dem first!" pointing out that the players cards must be face up for the showdown. As the players sorted their cards I burnt another card and exposed the wrong card super fast... only noticed what I had done when I was about to burn the 3rd card that there were 3 burn cards there already (DOH!) RFAB saw the mistake and quickly leaned over the table picking up the burn cards and scrambling the turn card muttering "here, here... thats de way it shub be..." to the effect that I hadn't a clue which card was which... or what he had actually done! There was an uproar, I told him to leave it and called the Floor Manager over for a ruling. The ruling was given that the burn cards, exposed cards and the remaining deck had to be shuffled three times and re-burnt/re-dealt. Leading to a better board for one player... and an short-stack-early-exit for JCB. Sorry JCB... :-/

I was mortified after that, paying extra attention to the game and dealt slower to ensure no more mistakes. When I was relieved I headed back to deal cash for couple more hours but the tiredness meant I kept making stupid mistakes - forgetting to deal one player, raking a split pot without thinking, sweeping up another players hand. I asked Charlie if I could go early and she agreed...

I signed out, got my bag and was about to leave when a group of dealers announced they were having a Dealer Tournament! And was I interested.... oooohhhh tempting! When I pointed out I didn't have enough cash on me to play (a deliberate tactic I had to ensure I didn't get tempted to play!) Two other dealers offered to sub me for "of a % of your win!" LOL I was flattered! I agreed telling myself that playing is easier than dealing, sure a game would be good. As I put my money on the table it was tactfully pointed out by one of the Floor managers that the other cash/Omaha dealers were not allowed to play this tournament, it wouldn't be fair if I played, considering I asked to leave early due to 'tiredness'. Feeling very guilty, I returned the money, thanked them all, wished the other players luck and said my farewells.

It was a good weekend... I still haven't fully recovered from it! Am so glad I don't deal full time...

Next year... sorry guv but I wanna play!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Credit Crunch Bitten You Yet?

I've been following the news with interest all week: all doom and gloom, cutbacks left right and centre... Seems ironic that the Government seems more concerned with propping up the banking sector than safeguarding community services. In the mist of it all the shocking revelations that €83m was siphoned from the Disability Services funds, by that ongoing bad variance AKA the HSE, barely cause a stir.

'So what' says the News '€400bn is more juicer to chew on..

All the talks of the ECB lowering the interest rates has me sceptical too. Do anyone really think that will happen??!!! Did any of you notice that almost all the fixed rates have been steadily increased by the banks by .1/.2% across the board?

'So what' says the News 'We need to speculate what the banks will do with the €400bn...'

The Unions are encouraging us to reject the recent paydeal, rising unemployment and the Government majority owned 'State' airline is considering laying off its ground staff in favour of outsourcing. Hardly reassuring...

'So what' says the News 'US Congress just approved a $700bn bad debt bail out! Everyone is working towards recovery...'

Two of my friends announced that they were doing their Christmas shopping this week. My eldest gives me a list of 20 toys/games and subtly hints that I pass it on to Santa for him. Eeek! Why so early!!! I plan to bring my winning from the Deepstack to Amsterdam in November - that's time enough for me, and Santa will have to make do with what he can find in Kalverstraat! Then the rumour mill starts grinding out more bad news: the credit cards will be withdrawn, overdrafts will be frozen, forget shopping and start paying them off now!

'Ah sure' says the News 'If you run into debt the Banks are covered... just don't go over €400bn on the credit cards.'

Several prominent players were complaining they were too late to register, or had other commitments, to play in the IPO or Laddies game in Killarney ... Let's be honest - the real reason lies with the credit crunch... right?! Come clean!

I'm old enough to remember the bad old 80's, being in secondary school with peer pressure to look good was tough if you didn't have the means! The shame of having to wear those god awful council glasses! The shame of having no headstone for my father's grave for 4/5 years! The shame of having to sell the family car,and my mother had to hitch with the weeks takings (we had a business) to the bank in the next town... No worse than anyone and we survived.

'Uh oh' says the News 'WARNING: This recession will be worse. MUCH worse.'

With the looming threats of rising bills, food costs and interest rates reared last May - it was time to start cushioning myself for the worse. I changed my driving style, turned off the air con, and shopped around for petrol, I pay my son in PC hours to clean the car (he's very good!); shopped for food bargains (very easy right now), the new fridge with the extra freezer space is full! I reduced our heating usage, got strict with electricity and got rewarded with the cheapest utility bill I've ever had last week! A gas bill for €17!!! I'm so proud of it - I carry it around everywhere! I even applied to fix my mortgage for 5 years... just before the rates went up.
But the best advice yet had to to from a client last month. This little old lady whose daughter is regular on the poker scene, upon learning that I was a player asked me how was my 'poker purse'. She had me mystified at first then explained that her daughter held two purses: one for housekeeping and the other for poker! "And never the two shall meet!" LOL! While my virtual online 'purse' is pathetic... my live purse is currently richer than my housekeeping one that's for sure!

I set myself a 1k challenge for August - started really well but had a disastrous final week, but glad to report I was €700 up by 31st August and already had that spent! September added another €230 profit to start off my 'purse' (didn't play as much, kept to low stake games) plus a bottle of sparkling wine the best hand (straight flush to the Jack) and October is off to a good start with another €170 profit into the 'purse'... it should have been €390 but I messed up in the final hand headsup. Meh! Feck the credit crunch - I'm setting myself a 1k target for October!

"Ah now" says the News... Shhhhhhh! I'm enjoying my wine!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maybe I should rename myself Queen Fish!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm so pissed off at myself!

Was in the mood to play tonight but was too late to go anywhere. Had $300-400 spread out over 3 sites... Betway; PPP; Devilfish... Decided to hop on those! And totally spewed the lot to $100... Well below $100!!!! Nothing but major spewing sessions with stoooopid donk calls! :(

I should have logged off when I was falling below 20% but no... Being the total tilt-roller I just had to keep going "trying to clear variance!" IDOT!

66 into 78 on a J10Q board, the 78 kept check-calling my raises to the end... meh(!)
Called UTG's pf-raise holding KK ... checked behind him on the flop... A on turn and I push, UTG calls with AK(!)
Meeting KK on a KQx board holding J10 for straight/flush draw - I really need to stay away from draws! I'm an awful one for over valuing them :(
KQ suited flush beaten by A3 off for a higher flush... I checked behind on the turn (3rd suited card) and pushed when the river showed a 4th suit(!)
Re-raising with AK on all streets - on a flush board with no ace and no king in sight(!)
And folding 55 in SB to a 3xBB button raise, button went on to show 97off... very next hand he does same and I shoved with 72, only to kicked out by his 44s or 55s(!)
Worse was calling an all-in with 50% of my chips holding J9 (what was I thinking???!!!) into QQ! I deserved the criticism in the chat box that went something like this:

-What a donk
-sry... I pressed t wrong button, meant to fold (pathetic lame excuse!)
-yeah yeah donk!
-Ty fish! LOL

When I pushed AIPF with JJ a few hands later - wasn't surprised to get 4 callers(!):

-Another J9? Me calling
-LOL More value donk!
-havta call tat!
-bye bye fish!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Time to get some coaching me thinks. :P