Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sick, sick, sick two weeks...

What a fortnight it's been... I've had nothing but sick beats in all my games bar one (where I won €100 in side cash game). Either I'm playing totally crap or events happening elsewhere in my life is affecting my playing big time.

Tonight's one takes the trophy for the worse slowplaying hand(!) I was playing the $30+3 Durham on iPoker; playing a totally tight game playing just 1 hand in 4/5; I had just lost 500 on AK with unpaired board in a previous hand, when this hand happened:

008-04-27 00:39:07
- players:
seat 2 = gunnar1234 (2,290)
seat 3 = DaBeear (2,940)
eat 5 = MarkusOwnH87 (2,270)
sat 6 = QueenJulesII (1,560) dealer
seat 7 = UacesK (380) SB 20
seat 9 = ScoobyDoo23 (2,180) BB 40
seat 10= calzer (3,380)

-UacesK pays SB 20
ScoobyDoo23 pays BB 40

calzer calls 40
DaBeear folds
MarkusOwnH87 folds
QueenJulesII raises 120
UacesK folds
ScoobyDoo23 folds
calzer calls 80

Pot = 270

Flop = 10c 4c 6s

calzer checks
QueenJulesII bets 200
Calzer calls 200

<Turn = 4d

Calzer checks
QueenJulesII bets 1,240 [All-In]
Calzer calls 1,240
QueenJulesII shows Ac6h
Calzer shows 10s 4s

River = 2h

Calzer - full house
QueenJulesII - two pair - out in 7th place.

In this game all pre-flop betting was taking a cautious approach (2.5-4xBB), leading to outright aggressive bets on turn/river. I had marked Calzer as a somewhat LAG player playing any Ace, King, Queen or Jack with any kicker. He always raised when he had a hand, no matter how small his pair was. When he just called my bet pre-flop, I credited him with a picture card plus low kicker. When he checked after the flop, I was sure he had missed the mark, but I decided try a value bet of 200 to seize him up. He insta-called and I thought: hmmm no raise, he either got a 10 or pair of clubs? When the turn ruled out the flush it was likely to be a pair of 10s at best, nothing else, I felt I was in the superior position with two pairs plus the Ace kicker to cover my 6, should he have a pair of 6s too. I was not expecting that 10s4s! Sick move... FFS! I'm still tilting over it!

I contacted a member for some coaching during the week but after a few PMs trying to come to an agreement (I need face-to-face coaching obv.), nothing came out of it. Ah well, maybe its just as well...

IDP game last night was good, there was a decent turnout with 24 players, including 6 visitors from Germany. Susie-Woosie was knocked out just after the break, she went on tilt after one of the Germans actually stole some of her chips from her pile! I was happy enough with my playing in general, but at my best I only had 10k in chips, given my recent run of bad luck I had decided to played tight and avoid getting into large pots with the 'playing-any-two' brigade! Still, I got busted out in 5th place by Vytas with 77-v-99 on a A79103 board. Ahhhh!!!! FFS! WP, GG mate, etc.

Poor Vytas later discovered after the game that his car had been stolen from the car park... Vytas is a decent Deaf player from Lithuania, living and working in Longford for the past 5 years, and is pretty well liked by the local Deaf community there. I genuinely hope you get it back soon Vytas, bad karma to whomever it was...

It's barely a week to the Irish Deaf Poker Open on 3rd May, with 46 runners so far, don't bet on me getting to the final table just yet!!! I've agreed to meet Susie-Woosie for a game in the Bell tomorrow night. I've decided if I don't cash in this game or the Open, I'm definitely not playing again til I get some serious coaching!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm still here...

... just took a wee break... In sunny Lanzarote that is!

Came across a weekly 'Texas Poker School' held in a local British-run pub, in which the cards where somewhat differently dealt out - 'dealer' continues to deal out the flop, turn and river face down immediately AFTER dealing the hole cards and all other cards mucked/burnt are placed back on the deck(!) Ah. Realising that the results would be the same, I sat down for a €20 FO 'winner takes all' game. It was just as I suspected, a total walkover with 90% beginners but you DO need luck to play too dontcha? (Realise I need to improve my HU strategy big time) It's not all skill! Was unlucky to come 2nd against the guy who runs it every week... they tell me he wins it 3 weeks out of 4... (go figure!) Nice little earner sir!

Now what have I missed?

I got told by a friend (not a 'big' poker player) that my blog is not making sense to her... Ah. Was gonna do another blog, non-poker of course, but sure haven't I got facebook and bebo for that?!