Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What do ya think of my new skin?!

Played omaha on iPoker tonight, I'm barely finding my feet on this so started with 1c/2c 6max game and pwned it big time! $5 into $14 in 1 hour then got up and left.

Back to work today, after the Christmas break (what break?! I need another holiday to recover!) got LOADS done... but still behind, meh! Two more days to deadline...

Will work on the blog list again soon

Monday, January 4, 2010

Please bear with me...

Reading through my past posts I've been feeling a bit sorry for this blog - I've really abandoned it of late. I've fallen into that trap when blogging about poker becomes 'a chore', or as the traffic increases or I'm playing with certain people - I'm getting wary of what I'm writing about. It never used to be that way... *sigh*

Some players take to it well, some don't. Others start fishing for information: "Who's xxx on yer blog? Ah c'mon, ya gotta tell me!"

Deciding to change my blog page design. I never really like it to be honest. Should have kept the 'Luscious Lips' design but the amount of ghey comments I got over it was just...grrrrrr! I went fishing for a new one, trying on several when I realised I had to be elsewhere and just left it. Today I said: 'Hey! It's a new year, fresh start, good excuse as any for a new skin...'

That was 5 hours ago... and I'm still NOT happy with this page!

There are LOADS of wonderful sassy poker blog-skin designs out there, but only for Wordpress or MySpace or Bebo(!) I've gone through many a poker blog, usually one get bored start clicking on your mates blog 'links' and just head off clicking, browsing, surfing... yes I've ended up going deep into blogs of total complete random strangers, non-poker blogs even. But not one on Worldpress... nor MySpace... or Bebo(!) Who the f@#k design these while leaving us poor Blogspots in the shade?!

Anyone know how to convert these into XML for Blogger? Please, please contact me! Anyway I'm currently experimenting with several skins so please excuse the various changes, mad colours/schemes/designs appearing here over the next few days...

I must apologise for the loss of my links too - especially if you are one of those total random strangers 'just passing through' shocked to discover an actual dead-end - I must stress this is a happy dead-end, just need to clarify that as the only other dead-end-blogs you find out there are those written by people 'contemplating suicide'. Seriously... I am not! No matter how bad my poker is - I do have better things in life that I excel at, well things I think I excel at!

In the meantime I'm seeing spots, swirls and sprinkles... I've tried pink, red and sabre-green... And it's 5 long hours and I'm still NOT happy... I'm all googled out now.

On a positive note - I've not played poker at all tonight... LOL! Good night!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Review : My Annus Horribilis

2009 has been both my best and worse year poker-wise since I started playing poker...

I'm not going into detail of the games I played or a month by month analysis - basically in a nutshell: its been awful! I'm starting 2010 totally busto.

I lost far more than I have won, I even lost the wee bankroll I started this year on which had been accumulated over the previous 2 years. For the first time in almost 3 years of playing I finished a year 'deep in the minus' category. Despite cashing well in the final 6 weeks where I won an €1,475 approx in various live MTT's in Voodoo, local pub games and Fitzwilliam - but it still wasn't enough to get me out of the red...My saving grace as to be all the various dealing jobs that I have done in festivals around the country this year, without these I would have been in serious debt.

Looking at my first post of 2008, I had some resolutions:

1. Stay away from the cash tables till I get some coaching. LOL! I tried, lord I tried...
2. Play all the IDP events, the UK Deaf Poker Open and two of the Swedish Deaf Poker tournaments. Yes, Yes and No... :( The Swedish Events clashed with other commitments. I became Chairperson of IDP in a difficult year, as with the mainstream poker, we have seen a drop in numbers.
3. Play at least two of the big tournaments on the Irish Poker scene LOL! Had the IPO in mind but got asked to work at it (wasn't flush enough to buy-in either, aimed to get a ticket for 'Poker in The Pub' league game and failed by a measy 1 point(!)
4. To show an 100% increase on my current poker profit for 2009 LOL!
5. Improve my tournament game more This, I am proud to report, was my one success in 2009.

My learning curve rose very sharp in 2009. I getting better reads on players and making far more hero calls and re-raises than I used to... I'm bluffing more and getting away with it 90% of the time. I am making better use of position, pot-odds, M factors and percentages to determine if my hands are worth shoving for. And best of all: I no longer lose it when some ass slowplays me or calls my pre-flop raise with spanners and hits good... I just laugh!

For 2010... I've just three 'small' resolutions:

1 - End on a Profit... even a €100 will be an improvement on this year!
2 - Stay away from cash games... and stop playing prop bets in Mythical
3 - Keep that learning curve growing... Keep telling myself: Every fish will get her day!

Happy New Year everyone... see you at the tables!